D-fried/Nev.Era/Playmodes @ Digitalnimbus radio USA

La radio de USA, Digital:Mimbum , añaden en su espectacular tracklist de su último programa a D-fried con su track  X-Y Recombination del disco «The Lost Tomorrow» y  ha Nev.Era con Gélido Despertar y Playmodes con Arcs de la última compilación «discontinu 06/13″.

Escucha el programa aquí:

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Somatic Responses :: Fly-By (Eomac rmx) [Fly-By EP] Acroplane
Nev.Era :: Gelido Despertar [Discontinurecords 6/13] Discontinu
Tangent :: Collision [1 mk2] Mindtrick
Talos :: Contradiction [Reactor 4] Layer Based Human Activities
Dissolved :: Every Lime Pit Has a Radio [The Amber Surrealizations] Daddy Tank
Arovane :: Evlecc [Cycliph EP (reissue)] n5MD
Autechre :: tuinorizn [Exai] Warp
Bogmon :: Demons May Trail (Databrokers rmx) [Echoes in the Void] Buried In Time
Nina Georgieva :: Mloski – An Introduction.. [Collision Detect] Enig’matik
Aligning Minds :: A Noble Truth [My Heart Is Love] Gravitas
D-Fried :: X-Y Recombination [The Lost Tomorrow] Discontinu
Rec_Overflow :: Filter Tips [Unemployed] Crazy Language
Displacer :: Rattlesnake (feat. Aidan Baker) [Accretion] Tympanik Audio
Access To Arasaka :: Fragments of a Hologram Rose [Accretion] Tympanik Audio
Talos :: Principle of Duplication [Reactor 4] Layer Based Human Activities
Dissolved :: Ski Run in the Distance [Surge of the Lucid] Daddy Tank
Dissolved :: Scratched Out Cassette Label [The Amber Surrealizations] Daddy Tank
Tangent :: Infinite End [1 mk2] Mindtrick
Solar Fields :: Automatic Sun [Origin #1] Ultimae
Boards of Canada :: The Beach at Redpoint [Geogaddi] Warp
Xurba :: Onyxqn [Music from the Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective
Xurba :: Reinitiation [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
Gimmik :: Un Jour [(Back to Basics)] Toytronic
Phase Mojo :: Resistant Access [Everything is Green] Toytronic
Playmodes :: Arcs [Discontinurecords 6/13] Discontinu