Excelente reseña en el Magazine californiano Igloomag

Evidence that the heart of IDM is not only beating, but also striving in an evolving manner for 2013. Spain’s Discontinu continue to propel the exuberant sounds of experimental electronics via Discontinurecords 06/13—a surplus of analog-to-digital trickery which allows their roster full-range of emotion and genre-bending flexibility.

Pauk opens with an undulating eerie beauty on “Nanatsu”—marching DSP-laden beatwork, laidback rhythms and glitched effect aplomb. Sporadic vocal treatments are borne on Motorheidi’s dubstep-infused “Budell” and Miss Q features on Xtringr’s “The Day Before” in a silky flowing Björk-style direction. D-Fried echoes an Abfahrt Hinwil approach on the tranquilized electrical pulse of “Trained_responses”—vocal samples slice through classical ambient composition and the entire piece is utterly emotion packed. AZ-Rotator also appears in the most fluid form—minimal ambient techno, soft chords, relaxed pads sees “Wegavox” weaving its brittleness.

Highlights come in many shapes and sizes. Nev.Era’s “Gélido despertar” contains a hypnotic flurry of emotional clicks’n cuts. Playmodes’ “Arcs” slowly evolves an ambient mood shift of delicate melodics and darkened dub protrusions tucked away in a bleeped manifest of organized sonic delicacy. Morbia’s “The hunter of caresses” displays minimized glitch formations, found-sounds and roughened textures that are quite contagious. Salad’s “Nuclear (cold war mix) is an 8-bit orchestration of ’80s retro-pop composed of shuffling analog synth particles. There’s an abundance of music to digest on this sampler.

Discontinurecords 06​/​13 is an accomplished cross-section of definitive electronics focusing its efforts on a smorgasbord of sonic activity from a wide-spanning roster of talent. Broken beats, ambient, breaks, IDM, electro and noise are assembled within eleven slices of audio art.

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